Stop nasogloss: remove wrinkles using contouring plastic


Do you know what women are most afraid of? Wrinkle. Unfortunately, they do not insure proper nutrition, diet and healthy lifestyles.

The age and depth of laying mimic wrinkles has a hereditary tendency. Therefore, even 20-year-old girls with good skin, normal secretion of skin fat are pronounced nasolabial wrinkles. They form from the wings of the nose, extend vertically to the corners of the mouth and can end in the chin area, occupying a good third of the face. This defect instantly adds to the age of the person, makes the expression more gloomy, look – tired.

The problem is so widespread that the request “how to remove nasolabial wrinkles” is one of the most popular questions of cosmetologists of the ANA-Cosmo Clinic. Let’s see how you can remove your nose pads.

Why do nasolabial folds appear?
Dermatologists explain the appearance of defects:
Anatomical features. Starting from the structure of the facial skull and ending with the degree of development of the facial muscles and subcutaneous tissue. Unfortunately, with an asthenic constitution, chances are good to encounter nasolabial wrinkles at an early age.
Natural Aging Skin Changes. Currants have a genetic predisposition in part, but each is dependent on a person's lifestyle. According to (on average - after 25 years) the synthesis of elastin and collagen is reduced, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases. Therefore, wrinkles in the facial areas with active facial expressions begin to form rapidly.
Feature of the nervous system. In very emotional people facial facial expressions are more mobile, intense. So the chances of getting pronounced nasolabial wrinkles after 25 years are higher than that of phlegmatic patients.
A sharp set and then weight loss. This is a test for muscles and skin. Therefore, during a period of weight loss visit a cosmetologist.
Incorrect bite. It provokes an uneven load on the jaw and facial muscles. As a result, wrinkles around the mouth are formed faster.
Smoking. There are several factors to blame here. First, smokers often pull out their lips with a tube, which causes the formation of cluster wrinkles around the mouth. Secondly, hot smoke and nicotine dry the skin, stimulating the loss of tone at an earlier age.
If to change the way of life really, to give up bad habits is hard, then we cannot reshape genetics. Then an arsenal of cosmetic procedures comes to the rescue.
How to remove nasolabial folds
Modern medicine and cosmetology has a lot of money for wrinkles. Some ways women can use themselves at home.
The advantages of the method:
Low cost.
Ability to do the procedure yourself.
Cons of the method:
Not a clear result.
The short duration of the effect.
Beauty injection
Mesotherapy Individuals. Wrinkles. Beauty Injections. Meso VS Biorevitalization.
The massage therapist or the woman herself cleanses the skin from cosmetics, sweat. Massage oil is applied to the nasolabial area. For the lifting effect of the composition is added essential oil of wheat, lavender, roses. The defect is passed, smoothed. When exposed, the main thing is not to overdo it, not to stretch the skin, not to weaken its tone, which can make nasolabial folds deeper.
Cosmetics from nasolabial folds
The advantages of the method:
Cheap, money is in any price category.
Cons of the method:
Absence of expressed result.
Not suitable for patients over 45 years of age.
The cosmetic industry offers anti-aging skin defects with the help of serums, nourishing creams and masks. Active components of algae fill the skin with trace elements, milk peptides, silk serve as a building material, hyaluronic acid resists skin dehydration. These funds may be ancillary to, but not essential to, the fight for a radiant, healthy face. But they cannot solve the problem dramatically.
What can be complications after insertion of fillers in the nasopharynx?
When working with certified drugs. following the rules of aseptic and antiseptic, the risk of side effects in the client is minimal. Most often problems beginners have cosmetologists. when working with low quality fillers. The most common complications are:
The rejection of the drug. It occurs in the presence of contraindications in the client: autoimmune diseases, problems with blood coagulation. Therefore, the cosmetologist at the consultation before the procedure is engaged in collecting a history of the patient.
Allergic reactions. Most drugs are hypoallergenic, based on calcium or hyaluronic acid. These substances are already in the body. Therefore, they do not cause rejection. Allergic reactions can occur in autoimmune diseases. During pregnancy and lactation, the body's susceptibility to drugs also increases. Often allergic reactions are a consequence of violations of the cosmetologist's recommendations. If the doctor has forbidden the use of makeup during the healing period, then advice should not be disregarded.
Blue. The human face has excellent blood supply and an extensive network of blood vessels. Using a needle the chances of damaging the capillary and getting bruised grow. If the doctor uses a cannula, on the contrary, they decrease. It displaces vessels and tissues, minimizing the risk of injury.
Regardless of the method of correction of facial wrinkles (contouring plastic or ultrasonic lifting), the safety of the procedure is important. Ask the cosmetologist for the availability of quality certificates and origin of fillers, the Altera machine (it is safe to carry out the procedure on a certified genuine Altera machine, production of the USA). This will avoid unwanted effects and vexation.