Myronov Andriy Borysovych

Plastic surgeon

practical experience
in aesthetic medicine
«»— Life credo
  • Graduated from Donetsk National Medical University
  • Internship in the specialty "Surgery" in Donetsk National Medical University on the basis of the Donetsk City Clinical Hospital №16

Briefly about myself

Doctor is one of the most ancient, noble and necessary professions. I`ve always wanted to help people and benefit others, so I chose medicine consciously. I`ve already decided to become a surgeon in the first year at university. While working as a surgeon, I was convinced that internal harmony and integrity, self-confidence are one of the main factors as a health. To see people not only healthy, but also happy, satisfied with themselves and their lives around, such as they perceive themselves - this is for me a 100% efficiency of the profession. I always aim to make patients happy with the changes that have occurred to them. It was plastic surgery that gave me the opportunity to realize my professional priorities and give beauty and confidence to my patients.


  • 2016

    Advanced training - "Basic laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic pelvic Surgery

  • 2017

    Kyiv Global Surgery Congress

  • 2018

    Participant of the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery (ICAMPS)

  • 2018

    Participant of the Denischuk’s School of Plastic Surgery, the course "Blepharoplasty"

  • 2018

    Participant of the Denischuk’s School of Plastic Surgery, the course "Augmentation Mammoplasty"

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