Gynecologist, endocrinologist, leading specialist in aesthetic gynecology
10 years experience
81% permanent patients
7,6 thousand grateful patients
Life credo
Nowadays, a gynecologist helps a woman to be not only healthy, but also beautiful, happy.
An integral component of women's health is her intimate zone, the basis of her psychological comfort, the quality of everyday life and family happiness.
I help women feel attractive, desirable and enjoy life
General Information
In 2010 graduated from the National Medical University
In 2013 graduated from internship in Gynecology
In 2019 got second specialization in ultrasound diagnostics
Member of the Association of Gynecologists of Ukraine
Leading specialist in aesthetic gynecology
Seminars and Trainings
2018 year

Workshop “Vaginal narrowing with threads”

Ukraine, Kiev
2019 year

Conference “Actual issues of preservation of somatic and reproductive health of women”

Ukraine, Kiev
2018 year

All-Ukrainian forum “Infection, inflammation, neoplasia”

Ukraine, Kiev
2018 year

Scientific-practical seminar with international participation “Reproductive endocrinology – interdisciplinary approaches”

Украина, Киев
2018 year

School-seminar “Harmony of hormones”

Ukraine, Kiev
2017 year

The scientific cycle of the seminars “Women’s Health in the 21st Century”

Ukraine, Kiev
2019 year

Scientific-practical conference “Organ-preserving treatment in practical gynecology”

Ukraine, Kiev
2015 year

Seminars with international participation “Interdisciplinary approach to preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation of patients with somatic and reproductive pathology”

Ukraine, Kiev
Отзыв про гинеколога Анну Яковлевну
Единственный врач, который выставил мне правильный диагноз и вылечил!
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