Kostyantyn Shalvarov

Dermatologist, doctor of anti-age medicine

hardware rejuvenation techniques
grateful patients
practical experience
«The most modern achievements of science, all knowledges and experience put in the service of health and beauty»— Life credo
  • Leading specialist of Ukraine on apparatus rejuvenation
  • Lecturer in laser rejuvenation and Ultherapy in cosmetology school "Cosmo-Trade"
  • Graduated from the Kiev Medical University. Specialization "Dermatovenereology"

Briefly about myself

I am sure that in order to preserve health, youth and beauty, a comprehensive approach to solving all problems of the body is needed. It is necessary to combine the newest technologies and methods.

I consider aesthetic issues from the medical point of view, which allows to solve most effectively the various problems that stand on the way to beauty, youth and health.

Seminars and Trainings

  • 2003

    Practical course "Massage and exercise therapy"

  • 2005

    Courses «Podology»

  • 2010

    Participant of the scientific conference "II Kiev dermatological days"

  • 2011

    Participant of the scientific conference "III Kiev dermatological days"

  • 2012

    Courses «Practical cosmetology»

  • 2012

    Courses on injection techniques "Contour plastic. Botox. Mesotherapy. Biorevitalization"

  • 2012

    Internship "Hardware techniques in aesthetic medicine: pressotherapy, vacuum technologies Starvac, myostimulation, biostimulation"

  • 2012

    «FloSal-tehnologes: Revitalization»

  • 2012

    Practical course "Conducting chemoexfoliation of ENERPEEL", Italy

  • 2013

    Informational-methodical training-workshop "Biorevitalization and mesotherapy" PromoItalia

  • 2013

    Practical course "Biorevitalization and mesotherapy, botox and contour plastics"


  • 2013

    Practical Course and Certification "Method of natural pharmacology DANNE"

  • 2016

    Master-class "Volumizing, lifting and contour with the help of Radiesse"

  • 2016

    Full face lifting with one drug in one procedure

  • 2016

    Intensive anatomical course of face and neck, Merz

  • 2016

    Meso Radiesse. Reinforcement of face and neck

  • 2017

    Confirmation of the certificate on dermatovenereology

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