Stem Cell Rejuvenation

The most innovative way to return youth for many years is using stem cells for skin rejuvenation! Without surgery and preparations. For any age (Kiev, Ukraine)

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About Stem Cells Anti-Aging

Stem cells are the most valuable biological material in the human body. They fight with disease and aging, renew organs and tissues due to their ability to transform into young  tissue-specific cells. However, their quantity and quality decrease with age. As a result, we observe aging and wilting of all organs including skin. That is why today we began to effectively use stem cells in cosmetology. In fact, stem cell rejuvenation is an opportunity to regain quantity and quality of stem cells in the skin so that it remains young and healthy for a long time.

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  • Age from 40 years (there is a significant loss of stem cells in the skin from this age)
  • Age-related skin changes (wrinkles, pigmentation, telangiectasia etc.)
  • Individual skin properties (dry, sensitive or oily skin)
  • Defects of the skin: scars and spots after acne, post-acne, skin pigmentation, stretch marks


  • Healthy and young skin color
  • Minor wrinkles disappear
  • The number and depth of medium and deep wrinkles decrease
  • Smooth skin without any flaws
  • The dryness disappears
  • Natural skin protection from aging for many years
  • Increasing effect of rejuvenation up to 5 years

Stem Cells Anti-Age Treatment: Zones


Step by step



Stem cell rejuvenation in the clinic ANA-COSMO can be performed only after doctor’s consultation. At the consultation the doctor will examine you and create a plan of further investigations and treatment.



Stem cell rejuvenation (call (044) 483-21-78 for price) includes the creation of the detailed patient’s "Health passport" consisting of clinical diagnostic studies, the conclusions of the doctors of the ANA-COSMO clinic, as well as computer skin diagnostics for 7 parameters on the Cortex apparatus. This apparatus estimate the condition of the skin at the current time (real ‘biological’ age, not the age in passport) and after the course. A detailed examination is necessary to make sure that you are ready for stem cell rejuvenation.


Isolation and multiplication of cells

After a consultation and examination the doctor performs adipose tissue obtaining procedure. This tissue is the source of the most valuable cells - stem cells. The sample is delivered to a culture laboratory where the best biotechnologists isolate cells.  The cell population is cultured and multiplied for 3-8 weeks and the youngest stem cells are selected. Work with the biomaterial is carried out only in the the GMP-level high-tech laboratory.



The implementation of operations with materials is carried out according to international protocols, quality and safety standards. Only the patient's own stem cells are used, which guarantees the safety of procedures and increases efficiency. They are introduced into the necessary zones (face, neck, décolleté line, arms, body) according to the individual course of procedures.


Recovery and Result

There is no recovery after the course, since the rejuvenation with stem cells in Kyiv in ANA-COSMO clinic is performed by injection. The first results can be seen on the skin after several weeks after the administration (it is important that the degree of effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the lifestyle, and therefore can be different in each case). The effectiveness of stem cells in cosmetology is confirmed both by international and clinic's own research conducted in conjunction with leading state scientific institutions. This procedure was successfully used by hundreds of thousands of women and men around the world. The greatest popularity it won in the USA. The growing result can be observed for more than 5 years after.



As a part of the procedure, your personal unit containing your young stem cells will be created in the biobank. Obtaining of stem cells should be done at an earlier age, because their quality is decreasing with age and, accordingly, the effect of rejuvenation also decreases. The stored material can be used for rejuvenation even after 30 or 50 years. 30 million (or more) patient’s stem cells can be prepared for cryopreservation and stored indefinitely with a possibility to use at any time. Cryopreservation of the patient’s own biomaterial in the bank is confirmed by special certificate.

Who performs procedure?

Impeccable reputation  since 1997
European standards  of quality and safety
Highest level of  accreditation  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Specialists  with international  certificates and diplomas

Stem Cells Anti Aging: Сost

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