Rejuvenation with blood plasma is the most trending and in-demand procedure for natural rejuvenation in the world (Kiev, Ukraine)

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About PRP Plazmalifting

Our blood, more precisely its plasma, contains unique growth factors that can renew the skin and make cells work effectively, as in young body. Growth factors are usually delivered to the skin via the blood vessels. However, unfortunately, due to the ageing the vessels are no longer as effective as we would like, and delivery of growth factors in the right amount does not occur. As a result, the cells work slower, the skin ages, loses color, dryness and wrinkles appear. The number of growth factors can be resumed using the plasmolifting procedure. It is also known as PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy or blood plasma rejuvenation.

Is it for me?

Most common application of plasmolifting is for the face rejuvenation. However, plasma growth factors have a positive effect on hair treatment as well as for vaginal rejuvenation


  • Age-related changes in facial skin: wrinkles, dryness
  • Fine mimic wrinkles
  • Prevention of stretch marks, sagging skin when losing weight
  • Dryness after sunburn
  • Skin regeneration after laser or chemical peeling
  • Acne
  • Dark spots
  • Preparing for a plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedure


  • Elastic skin, without wrinkles
  • Shining and young color
  • Moisturized skin
  • The enhanced inner protection from infections and aging
  • Elimination of ageing manifestations: pigmentation, etc.
  • When using plasma hair lifting for hair: hair loss is slowing down already on the 3rd day after the procedure; Eliminates dandruff, reduces fatty hair, accelerates the growth of healthy hair

Step by step



Only a doctor during an examination at the consultation can determine exactly whether you need a lifting procedure with PRP to solve existing problems. Also during the examination, the doctor prescribes a treatment regimen - this can be just a face plasmolifting (a course consisting of 3-4 sessions), or for example, a combination of blood plasma rejuvenation and laser rejuvenation. The appointed scheme will be chosen individually for the solution of your problems.



Plasma face lifting (as well as hair) begins with the patient’s venous blood sampling (up to 60 ml total). Then, using special equipment, plasma is separated from the other parts of blood. Now it contains the most valuable growth factors that restore and rejuvenate skin cells. Rejuvenation with blood plasma is possible for the following areas - the face, neck, décolleté lines, hands, inner thighs, buttocks, back, hands.



Plasmolifting is the use of patient’s own blood plasma, so the procedure is considered absolutely safe. However, after PRP therapy, you should refrain from visiting the sauna or pool. You will be able to observe the effect of the procedure a few weeks after the procedure of plasmolifting.



Plasmolifting in Kyiv at the ANA-COSMO clinic is not only combined with other rejuvenating procedures, but can be prescribed as a preparation step for a plastic surgery.

Who will carry out the PRP?

Impeccable reputation  since 1997
European standards  of quality and safety
Highest level of  accreditation  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Specialists  with international  certificates and diplomas

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