ANACOSMA: Money from the sale of the book “Women’s breasts: passion and pain” – to Military of Ukraine

All proceeds from the sale of plastic surgeon Pavel Denischuk’s book “Women’s Breasts: Passion and Pain” will be sent to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invaders.
The book “Women’s breasts: passion and pain” was written by Pavel Denischuk, the leading plastic surgeon of the ANACOSMA clinic, Ph.D., in co-authorship with prominent Ukrainian writers and activists to inform women about the importance of a preventive examination of the mammary glands in order to prevent the development of breast cancer . After all, in 95% of cases, breast cancer is completely curable in the early stages.
The author was prompted to write the book by his own tragedy – while still a student at the medical university, he learned about the terrible diagnosis of his mother – breast cancer. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save her, because the cancer was discovered too late. That is why Pavlo Denischuk made it his mission to convey to the public the importance of breast examination in women as much as possible.
In the book you will find useful information about breast examination at home. What breast diagnosis, with what frequency and at what age is important for women to perform. But there is a lot of interesting historical and cognitive information about women’s breasts, in particular, what aesthetic procedures women carry out for the sake of the beauty and health of the breasts.
You can buy the book at the link https://www.yakaboo.ua/ua/zhinochi-grudi-pristrast-ta-bil.html
Let’s approach victory together!

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