Help for injured people: Second Charity Lecture on Reconstructive Surgery for Surgeons


On July 5, 2022, the Pavel Denyschuk`s School of Plastic Surgery, located at the ANACOSMA clinic, organized the second charity lecture to train Ukrainian surgeons in reconstructive surgery.

The online lecture was conducted by the famous Swiss plastic surgeon Pierre Quinodoz and his colleagues. The subject of the lecture is reconstructive plastic surgery of the lower limbs. More than 30 plastic surgeons of Ukraine took part in the online training. By the way, during the training, was presented the case of one of the Ukrainian plastic surgeons, who recently operated Ukrainian soldier after being injured by a mine explosion.

The purpose of the training is to improve the knowledge of Ukrainian surgeons in the field of reconstructive surgery in order to preserve the maximum health of war victims.

The lecture was organized as part of the cooperation of the humanitarian association 2nd Chance (Switzerland), the Pavel Denyschuk`s School of Plastic Surgery and USAPS.

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