Stop nasolabial: remove wrinkles with contour plastic


MEDISOL is a high-power photodynamic LED device for skin treatment and regeneration. The device is based on technology developed by NASA over 40 years ago.

In total the device has 4 light modes. They can be combined depending on the task to be solved by the patient:

Infrared is the mode of deepest light penetration. Important: infrared light is irrelevant to ultraviolet light. The latter causes the skin to appear on the so-called manifestation of photoaging (pigment spots, fine wrinkles, blood vessels, etc.), while infrared light due to its healing properties and depth of penetration – on the contrary, produces photo-rejuvenation and promotes removal of pigment spots and flabby skin.

Red – Used for vascular treatment .

Yellow – speeds up fluid lymphatic drainage in the body, eliminates swelling.

After the weight loss procedure on the Cristal medical cryolipolysis apparatus. Light exposure of the LED apparatus is directed to the zone of weight loss and thus accelerates lymphatic drainage (removal of dead fat cells from the body) and the result of weight loss is achieved much faster.

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