Breast Lipofilling

Wishing to have a beautiful and large bust, but cannot decide whether to do an operation? In this case, lipofilling (enlargement of breasts without surgery) is the best solution (Kiev, Ukraine)

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What is breast lipofilling?

Non-surgical enlargement of the breasts is possible with the patient's fat (breast lipofilling). The advantage of using the preparation is a short duration of the procedure (in Europe this procedure is called "breast for supper"), lower traumatism and lack of rehabilitation. Disadvantage - the result is preserved until 2 years. Then, to save the 100% effect, you need to go through the procedure again. Whatever when lipofilling is applied, 50% of the transplanted fat is stored in the breast for the rest of your life.

Is it suitable for me?

With this mini-operation you can easily get rid of complexes, gain confidence and become an object of admiration for lots of people


  • Unsatisfactory bust size
  • Dissatisfaction with the form
  • Asymmetry


  • Breast augmentation by one size
  • Bust shape and size that you have always dreamed of
  • Self-reliance

Non-surgical breast augmentation step by step



You will definitely undergo preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon before plastic surgery on the mammary glands. The purpose of the consultation is to provide you with detailed information on the future outcome, operation and postoperative period.



At the consultation, the doctor appoints the necessary tests, as well as visits to the mammologist and anesthesiologist. If you are taking any medications, you should definitely notify the doctor at the consultation stage. Also you should quit smoking 2 weeks before the procedure.


Operation day selection

Having received the results of the examination, the plastic surgeon will determine the day of breast lipofilling. It should be noted that the non-operative increase in the bust is carried out not less than a week before menstruation or 3 days after it.



Breast augmentation without surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor obtains adipose tissue (from the thighs, buttocks, the external surface of the abdomen, etc.) through small incisions. By the way, lipofilling is also an excellent way to get rid of unwanted fatty deposits. After lipoaspirate obtaining the fat is cleaned and processed in special equipment, which further improves its grafting. Then it is injected through tiny punctures into the mammary glands.



The advantage of non-surgical breast augmentation in its non-traumatism and physiology, because the breast itself is largely composed of fatty tissues, which act as "fillers" in this procedure. The next day after the procedure the patient is discharged home. Still there is a peak of puffiness on the second or third day, small bruises can form and soon pass.



Only the plastic surgeon can say whether breast lipofilling is suitable for you

Who will carry out the operation?

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How Much Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost?

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