Correction of nipples and areola

Correction of nipples and areola – small operations that will make your nipples a highlights of your breasts (Kiev, Ukraine)

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There are different types of nipple correction techniques, their aim is to correct the inverted, asymmetrical, too large, as well as damaged nipples or areoles. This will help the woman regain self-confidence and beauty of the breast, and in some cases (for example, with the pulled nipple) - to fix the problem that prevents breastfeeding.


  • Large areola, which provides aesthetic discomfort
  • Retracted nipple
  • Asymmetrical areoles and nipples
  • Damaged nipples and areoles


  • Beautiful, symmetrical areoles and nipples that adorn women's breasts
  • Getting rid of complexes in intimate life
  • Ability to breast-feed a baby (correction of retracted nipples)

Who will carry out the operation?



First you will consult a plastic surgeon. The doctor will tell you about the procedure for "correction of the nipples," the future result and the postoperative period, will assign the necessary medical tests to be taken.



It will also be necessary to consult a mammologist and an anesthesiologist at the clinic (if the nipple reduction is under general anesthesia). If you smoke, then two weeks before the operation you need to stop doing it. This will greatly accelerate the healing process and will favorably affect the effect of anesthesia.


Choosing the day of operation

After receiving all the necessary results of the examination, the doctor will select the day of the operation. Each surgical intervention, including plasty of the nipples and reduction of the areola, is performed at least one week before the menstruation, or 3 days after it.


The operation

Reducing the areola is not an easy operation, as its goal is to make your nipples perfect, suitable for your breasts. It is possible under general anesthesia and under a local anesthetic (it all depends on the amount of intervention and your desire). Correction of retracted nipples, due to low trauma, is often done under the influence of a local anesthetic. With this procedure, the dissection of the milk ducts is done. In the ANA-COSMO clinic, such technique is used that allows a woman to breast-feed a child, even if breast feeding was previously impossible due to the entrained nipples. The procedure is performed through several small up to 3 mm incisions near the nipple. Due to the small traumatic nature, it is sufficient to use local anesthesia. The duration of the intervention is from 50 minutes to 2 hours.



With local anesthesia you can leave the clinic 2 hours after the operation. In the case of general anesthesia, the patient will remain in the clinic under medical supervision for a minimum of 1-2 days.


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There are different types of nipple correction techniques. The method is chosen by doctor during consultation

Who will carry out the operation?

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