Circular facelifting

Facelifting – the possibility of cardinal rejuvenation with the preservation of your personality in ANA-COSMO clinic (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Facelifting in Kyiv at ANA-COSMO will help to get rid of rather significant age-related changes and significantly rejuvenate the face


  • Fuzzy chin (contour of the face is broken due to sagging skin)
  • Skin, muscle and fat loss under the chin, on the face
  • Visible loss of skin elasticity, flabbiness


  • Lifting and strengthening of the face skin and muscles
  • Rejuvenation for 10-20 years
  • Clear, young contour of the face and neck
  • Eyebrow lifting, eye rejuvenation
  • Smoothing the nasolabial folds

Step by step



Facelifting (face lifting) is one of the most invasive operations, the purpose of which is not only to rejuvenate the patient, but also to preserve the individuality of a person, his features. That is why the plastic surgeon will ask you to bring your photos to understand how you looked when you were young and what result you would like to achieve. During the consultation, the doctor will tell you how the operation will be performed and listen to what exactly you does not like in your current appearance.



Before the operation, you need to pass the laboratory tests, undergo an examination with a therapist and anesthesiologist. All of these stages can be done at ANA-COSMO clinic for one day or even several hours.


Choosing the day of operation

A circular facelifting has one of the longest recovery periods among all plastic surgeries. Therefore, when you discuss the date of a possible face lifting day with a surgeon during a consultation, you should take into account that you will need to refrain from the usual social lifestyle for a certain time. It is important that the effectiveness of the operation and the length of the recovery period are independent of the season.


The operation

Circular facelifting is always performed only under general anesthesia. There are several methods of facelifting. The technique is selected by the doctor depending on the tasks that the circular facelifting should solve, and the patient's individual face structure. For example, a classic facelifting (called rhytidectomy in the language of professionals) suggests a rather long incision in the scalp (from the temple along the ear to the neck). In this case, the skin is pulled up, and its excess is removed. Then superimposed cosmetic sutures are applied. But a deep facelifting surgery allows you to do not only the facelifting, but also to lift muscles.



For about three days, the patient is in ANA-COSMO stationer under extremely careful supervision of medical personnel. Since a circular facelifting is a complex and invasive operation, it is often accompanied by considerable swelling, sometimes even bruises. This also requires regular monitoring by the doctor even after discharge: 2 weeks after the operation - the first scheduled examination, the second - in a month, the third - after three, and then - after 6 months and a year. Such examinations are not only a control of the quality of the operation and the patient's physical condition, but also the psychological support. Patients often need time to get used to the young image emotionally.



The natural look of the hair and hair growth line is a sign of an excellent facelifting.

IMPORTANT! Male circular face lifting is more difficult, since men have thicker skin. In addition, when the skin is stretched, then the area of ​​the beard is mixed, this forces you to shave behind the ears. However, with a professionally performed operation, male patients remain satisfied with the results.

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