Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Get rid of sweating, psychological discomfort, repulsive smell and constantly wet clothes! Treatment of hyperhidrosis will make your life comfortable (Kiev, Ukraine)

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In ANA-COSMO clinic, you can get rid of any manifestations of hyperhidrosis (perspiration, sweat smell, etc.) using non-surgical method (insertion of a botulinum toxin type A) for underarm area, palms or surgical method only to the underarm area


  • Unpleasant odor of sweat
  • Excessive sweating on the palms, under the armpits, discomfort


  • In just one procedure, you will get rid of hyperhidrosis and sweat smell in the underarm area and on the palms for 6-8 months.
  • Surgical method will help to reduce hyperhidrosis in armpits by 90% for lifetime

Types of operation

Surgical treatment
Injection treatment

Step by step



Before the procedure (both surgical and injection), the doctor will conduct The Minor test (starch-iodine test). During this procedure degreasing of the sweating area is performed with the alcohol. Then the skin is dried and starch is applied. When sweating, the problem area of ​​the skin becomes blue and thus it is determined where the treatment should be carried out. With the injection treatment procedure is possible immediately after consultation.



Since the treatment of the hyperhidrosis is carried out under local anesthesia, then, in addition to consulting a plastic surgeon, there is no need for an additional medical tests.


Choosing the day of operation

If you choose a surgical method for treating sweating, you can choose a convenient day for you during the consultation.


The operation

Surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis: the surgeon removes sweat glands in the axillary zone through a puncture of 0.3-0.4 mm using ultrasound equipment. This technique is developed and patented by the doctors of ANA-COSMO. The doctor performs the operation using additive endoscopic video surveillance. This allows the surgeon to control ultrasound as much as possible.

For injection treatment, the drug (Dysport or Botex) is introducted into the axillary zone and palm zone. This procedure is performed by a doctor who passed special training for working with botulinum toxin. The duration of the procedure is up to 60 min.



After the end of the injection treatment, you can immediately be back to your lifestyle. When the duration of the botulinum toxin effect is over, the procedure must be repeated.

In the case of a surgical method of treatment 7 days after the operation, hot bath should be avoided, as well as physical exertion.



There is a surgical method for treating hyperhidrosis - sympathectomy. However, this is an unpredictable operation. That's why it was banned in a number of countries. Doctors of the ANA-COSMO clinic also abandoned it and developed their own unique, safe and more effective method of surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis - "curettage of the sweating zone in the axillary zone".

Who will carry out the operation?

Impeccable reputation  since 1997
European standards  of quality and safety
Highest level of  accreditation  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Specialists  with international  certificates and diplomas

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