Facial Lipofilling

Lipofilling of the face in the clinic ANA-COSMO – the best opportunity to rejuvenate the skin without surgery and drugs (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Face rejuvenation is performed using your own fat tissue. This is absolutely natural and non-traumatic! It is performed by the method of transplanting fat cells from one area of the body to another with the purpose of correction of skin defects


  • Desire to increase lips
  • Make cheekbones more distinct
  • Create a desired chin shape
  • Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes
  • Get rid of nasolabial wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate the skin of the hands
  • Improve (rejuvenate) the structure of the facial skin
  • Change the shape of the nose without surgery
  • Scars, skin defects


  • Face skin rejuvenation (improving the structure of the skin, getting rid of age-related changes)
  • Correction of parts of the face: an increase in the chin, lips, etc.
  • Smooth, youthful skin
  • Getting rid of fine and deep wrinkles
  • Natural protection of rejuvenated skin from further wilting

Липофилинг лица: зоны


Step by step



The surgeon can tell at consultation how much fatty tissue should be taken and where to take it from in order to achieve the desired effect. It can be lipofilling chines, lipofilling of the eyes, lipofilling of the cheeks or the face completely. Also, during a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will determine the places on the body where you can obtain adipose tissue for transplant. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of unwanted fatty clumps on the body by the way.



Moreover, the doctor will give you the list of necessary medical tests at the consultation. Results should be given to the surgeon before surgery. Analyzes can be handled as in the ANA-COSMO clinic or any other laboratory with a convenient location for you.


Choosing the day of lipofiling

You together with the doctor can select the day of operation during the consultation.


The face lipofiling

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon removes fat through mini-punctures. Then, with exactly the same punctures with the needle, the doctor injects the fat into the necessary places for rejuvenation. Lipofilling of the face or hands is most often performed under local anesthesia, and there is no need for hospitalization after the procedure.



In rare cases, rejuvenation with own fat causes the appearance of short-term, barely noticeable bruises and swelling, but they will soon pass.



Rejuvenation of the face with patient’s own fat is effective not only due to the filling of defects that have arisen with age (wrinkles, etc.). Fat contains its own human stem cells, which eventually turn into skin young cells, thus rejuvenating it (making it elastic, improving its color and protecting from further wilting). Also, the important advantage of lipofilling comparing with injecting drug-fillers is the absence of any possible allergy.

Who will carry out the procedure?

Impeccable reputation  since 1997
European standards  of quality and safety
Highest level of  accreditation  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Specialists  with international  certificates and diplomas

The cost of face lipofiling

The price depends of face`s zone lipofiling. You can find out the cost via clinika@anacosmo.com.ua
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