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Uncomplicated surgical correction of the ears (otoplasty) easily eliminates both the physical flaw and the complexes imposed by it (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Before and After: Otoplasty

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Protruding or large ears do not simply fall into the general notion of beauty. Unfortunately, others are not serious about a person with such ears. Otoplasty will help to solve such defects


  • Protruding ear or both
  • Ear defect due to injury or congenital
  • Absence of the external ear (or its underdevelopment)
  • Asymmetry (more than 3 mm) between the auricles
  • Too big or too small ears
  • Scars on the auricles
  • Damaged lobes
  • Reduced lobes (due to age-related changes)


  • Getting rid of sticking-out ears
  • Asymmetric ears
  • Creating the desired shape of the auricle, lobe, etc.

Step by step



During the consultation before the surgery, the doctor will listen to your wishes, as well as suggest methods for solving the tasks (otoplasty methods). If you want to make an ear correction for a child under the age of 18, then the consultation takes place only in the presence of one of the parents.



After consultation, the doctor will give you a list of medical tests that you need to take before surgery. This can be done both in ANA-COSMO clinic (in the morning on an empty stomach) or at any other laboratory with a convenient location for you. Also, small patients, in the case of an operation under general anesthesia, are given consultation from the therapist and anesthetist at ANA-COSMO clinic.


Choosing the day of operation

The day of operation can be determined together with a plastic surgeon immediately during the initial consultation.


The operation

In adults, otoplasty in Kyiv in ANA-COSMO clinic is performed under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia is recommended for children's ears. The choice of the method of surgical intervention depends entirely on the problem the patient addressed, taking into account the rigidity of the cartilage, the size of the auricle, etc. In most cases, the otoplasty is a small incision behind the auricle to reduce the cartilage and the distance between the head and the ear. The shortened distance is fixed by internal invisible seams that become almost invisible with time as they are behind the ear. Otoplasty will be completed in 40 minutes. The most difficult plastic surgery of the ears needs up to two hours.



Since often the otoplasty is an outpatient procedure, the patient can go home the same day after otoplasty. Immediately after the surgery, a special bandage protecting from damage will be applied to the patient. The doctor will give individual recommendations for recovery after the operation.



It is quite difficult to make both ears absolutely symmetrical. However, careful calculation and extensive experience of the plastic surgeons of ANA-COSMO clinic allows achieving the desired result! In ANA-COSMO, correction of the auricles, correction of the sticking-out ears and even correction of the shape of the ears are available.

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