Labiaplasty (labia majora)

Over time, after childbirth, the external genitalia lose elasticity, their color darkens. Correction of the labia can restore youth and attractiveness of genitalia. Get rid of the congenital pathology (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Labiaplasty (labia majora)

Changes of the size and elasticity of the labia majora, women develop not only aesthetic dissatisfaction, but also prerequisites for the development of diseases. These problems can be solved by plastics of the outer labia


  • When walking, lips rub against each other, causing increased sweating and irritation
  • Feeling of physical discomfort
  • Small or excessive size of the labia majora
  • Dissatisfaction with the intimate life


  • Increase or decrease of labia (depending on your needs)
  • Getting rid of flabbiness due to birth or age-related deformity
  • Satisfaction with an intimate life
  • Physical comfort
  • Confidence in the attractiveness of external genital organs

Step by Step



Before setting the day for the labiaplasty operation you should have a consultation from plastic surgeon that performs the correction. He will examine you and discuss with you the future shape and size of the genital organs, tell you about the future result.



After the examination, the doctor may recommend to take tests and to have a consultation with gynecologist. Only after the examination it is possible to increase or decrease the labia. Do not forget, that the correction of the labia will be carried out under local or general anesthesia. It is a surgical operation that requires a detailed examination of the patient for its safety.


Choosing the day of operation

The day of operation is determined either during the consultation or after receiving the results of the studies (if necessary). You can choose the day of the procedure according to your individual needs and plans.


The operation

When the labia majora are too large, they are simply reduced or ultrasonic liposuction (removal of excess subcutaneous fat) is applied. Liposuction is performed without cuts through micro-punctures in the skin, so no scars remain. In case of insufficient labial development or the patient’s desire to make the genitals more resilient and fill the volume lost after childbirth or with age, the correction of the labia is carried out by the patient's own adipose tissue (lipofilling) or drug (hyaluronic acid). Lipofilling and injection of the filler are performed under local anesthesia. A general anesthesia is used during liposuction and reduction by surgical method.



You can leave the clinic just a couple of hours after the operation. If the doctor uses seams, they will just disappear in 10-15 days. Hot baths should be avoided for a few days immediately after the intervention. Sexual intercourse is possible after four weeks.


Pay attention

The technique of labiaplasty will be chosen after individual examination, taking into account your wishes, for achieving the best result.

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