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Are you dreaming about ideal nose? Time to make your dreams come true. With the operation “rhinoplasty” you will point out your individuality, gain confidence, forget about snoring, and your breathing become easy and free. Kiev, Ukraine

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Phinoplasty, septoplasty – are among the most popular plastic surgical operations, but in the same time the most complex. Nose plasty solves not only aesthetic but also medical issues (difficult breathing, deviated septum etc)


  • Aesthetic deformities: long, deviated, humpy, enlarged nostrils, wide and hanging tip, posttraumatic deformity, saddle nose
  • Medical conditions (deviated septum, that leads to altered nasal breathing and snoring; narrow nostrils, regular nose bleeds


  • Attractive nose, wishful form
  • Straightening of nasal septum
  • Elimination of congenital deformities that cause problems during life
  • Widening of narrow nostril (this could be a breathing problem as well)
  • Solving the issue of regular nose bleeds

Who performs operation?

What kinds of rhinoplasty exist?

Trauma Nose Treatment

How is surgery performed?



In order to correct nose form, you need, above all, come to the plastic surgeon’s consultation. During consultation, doctor examines you and figures out what kind of rhinoplasty you require (for example: you intend to make smaller nose, while on consultation the deviated septum is revealed, that influences quality of life). During the consultation, the surgeon in details describe you the features of rhinoplastic surgery and rehabilitation period. Doctor also performs computer prognosis of your desired result, and you can become certain that after surgery you will have the result that you wanted.  You can also look at the results of previous work of the leading plastic surgeon Pavel Denyshchuk, M.D., Ph.D.



During consultation the surgeon informs you about pre-operative analyses, that you can take all in one day in the Ana-Cosmo clinic, or any other laboratory. You will also have internist and anesthesiologist consult before the surgery (these consults are required to be in Ana-Cosmo clinic, because we take responsibility for your wellbeing.


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After analyses and specialists check-ups, plastic surgeon will confirm the possibility of performing the rhinoplasty, and you with the doctor will determine the comfortable surgery day.


On the day of surgery

Rhinoplasty in Ana-Cosmo clinic is done under general anesthesia. During the entire surgery, the medical staff and doctors monitor patient condition using highly sensitive modern equipment.  Depending on the complexity, the surgery last up to 3 hours. Upon completetion of the surgery, the surgeons’ sews up outer incisions (if any) with thin nylon suture, that is almost invisible. Inner sutures are made with special resorbably thread.  After suturing the doctor will put a special band on the nose, and on top of it splint, that will protect and support your nose during rehabilitation and lower edema.



Even with splint you will be able to breath immediately after the surgery. During the first day after septal repair patient notices the breathing changes and better sleep. The splint usually is taken off after a week, and in that time your will be able to see your new nose. Bruises are gone after 2 weeks, and 3 weeks after even edema is gone. In order to speed up your recovery, you will be assigned a special rehabilitation program, which consists of different procedures, which will be delivered 2-3 times a week during 2 week period. Certain patients feel the numbness on the nose tip, after after several months the sensitivity comes back. Three weeks after surgery should be calm without any physical strenuous activity.



In Ana-Cosmo there is a possibility of open (classical rhinoplasty) and closed rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty (without skin incisions) are more complex surgical operation. It has numerous advantages before open: absent skin incisions, less severe postoperative edema and lower complication risk. The desired result is reached ways faster, because recovery goes easier. This kind of operation is performed only by highly skilled professionals worldwide with many years of experience, because it is not easy to correct nose without outer incisions.

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