Buttock augmentation

It is known that the buttocks are one of the most desirable and attractive part of the female (from the male point of view)! Flat or deformed buttocks are a serious psychological problem. Now you can enlarge the buttocks with implants or make lipofilling of the buttocks (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Before and After Butt Lift

Buttock augmentation - photo № 1 before and after
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Do I need a butt lift?

Who is suitable for the so-called gluteoplasty (buttock augmentation)?


  • Genetic features: a flat shape of the buttocks or a tendency to such forms that cannot be corrected by physical exercises
  • Damaged original form since birth due to injury of the buttocks
  • Deformation of the buttocks after childbirth or due to age-related changes
  • The desire to make the buttocks larger, more round


  • Desired, attractive, sexy buttocks

Step by step



Gluteoplasty begins with the consultation of a plastic surgeon and the delivery of all necessary medical tests. During the consultation, the doctor will help you to choose the method of increasing the buttocks (implants or lipofilling, that is, the patient's own fat), in the case of choosing the first method of surgery of the buttocks – to find implants that will make your figure harmonious and attractive.



You need to undergo a test (laboratory tests), which will confirm your readiness for the operation under general anesthesia. The preoperative examination package under general anesthesia also includes consultations of anaesthesiologist and therapist in ANA-COSMO clinic.


Choosing the day of operation

With the help of both the plastic surgeon and one of the administrators of ANA-COSMO clinic you will be able to pick up the day of the operation. You should also have all the results of the consultations and the laboratory examination.


The operation

Correction of the buttocks with implants: it is carried out under general anesthesia, the duration is about two hours, during the operation, cuts of 4-5 cm between the buttocks and coccyx will be made. Implant is located under the gluteus maximus (in men and thin patients) or under fatty tissue in the upper buttock (in women with more pronounced forms).

Lipofilling can be made under local anesthesia (a safer option for the patient's health) or general anesthesia – you can choose the most suitable option. The surgeon makes a fat intake from one site on the patient's body and injects it into the buttocks. By the way, you can also get rid of unwanted fat deposits.



After the lipofilling of the buttocks, the time spent in the clinic is a maximum of one day. But if you install implants, you will spend 2 days in the clinic. Surgery of the buttocks requires wearing of compression underwear for 3 weeks after procedure to fix the implants. Also it is necessary to avoid playing sports, visiting sauna and a bath.



You should be informed that using buttocks implants makes impossible to provide lipofilling injections into the gluteal muscles. Only in the hip area! This is not important from a physiological point of view, but it is necessary to remember.

The effect of lipofilling of the buttocks is preserved up to 2 years, in the future it is necessary to repeat the procedure. But the new size of the buttocks, formed with the help of implants, will remain forever.

Who will carry out the operation?

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