Breast lift, Mastopexy

If you want to get back your breast elasticity and gain back self confidence, the mastopexy operation will help your with that. And if you want a smaller breast side – reduction mammoplasty is the right choice for you (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Before and After: Breast lift

Will this work for me?

Is it for me?

Mastopexy and reduction mammoplasty – these operation are always popular, helping women gain self confindence, get desired breast shape and enjoy life. Both procedures can be done simultaneously. After surgical correction you will get rid of moral and physical discomfort, back pain and skin irritation under big breasts.


  • Big saggy breasts after pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss, age
  • Too big and too heavy breasts making discomfort
  • Assymentrical and different in size breast


  • Beautiful and elastic breast with desired form and shape
  • You will gain womanly feeling, sexuality and self-confidence
  • In case of breast reduction, you will get rid of discomfort: markings from the bra on your shoulders, back pain and irritation under the breast

How is Mastopexy performed?



The plastic surgeon consult is obligatory before the surgery. During the consultation, he will discuss with you the details of the operation and post operative period. The doctor will also determine with kind of plastic correction is suitable for you (e.g. only reduction or with mastopexy).



Breast mastopexy in Ana-Cosmo clinic is possible only after thorough  medical examination, that will confirm absence of counter indications. The doctor will order lab analyses and, and possible mammologist consult. You have to tell if you are taking any medications. If you are a smoker, two weeks before the surgery you have to quit.


Scheduling operation

After all the examination results are ready, the doctor will schedule operation. It is important to go to surgery at least a week before menstruation or 3 days after.


On the day of operation

The mastopexy surgery in Ana-Cosmo is possible only under general anesthesia. Plastic surgeon will make a small incision and removes excessive fat and skin tissue, and some portion of glandular component. In certain cases the nipple  transfer becomes necessary due to symmetrical issues.  This is complex operation, but surgeons of Ana Cosmo clinic make their best to minimize incisions. After the surgery only small almost invisible vertical scar is left on the skin.



2-3 days after surgery you will be under doctors supervision in the clinic. Compressive bra is worn under normal clothes for a month. 10-14 days you will be undergoing procedures ordered by rehabilitologist, that will speed-up your recovery. It will begin when you are inpatient and continue once 2-3 days after discharge.



Only doctor can determine whether you can have a combination of mastopexy with reduction mammoplasty.

Who will carry out the operation?

Impeccable reputation  since 1997
European standards  of quality and safety
Highest level of  accreditation  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Specialists  with international  certificates and diplomas

Breast Lift Costs, Mastopexy Pricing

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