Forehead lift, eyebrow lift

Wrinkles on the forehead, lowered eyebrows? Lifting ща the forehead and eyebrows will help you get rid of the age-related print on your face to become younger sometimes even for 20 years (Kiev, Ukraine)

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  • Wrinkles (especially deep) on the forehead
  • Omission of the eyebrows due to loss of muscle tone
  • Significant wrinkles in the corners of the eyes


  • Smooth skin of the forehead without a single wrinkle (the effect lasts up to 10 years)
  • Face rejuvenation for 10-20 years
  • Lifting the line of eyebrows, upper eyelids
  • Creation of the high forehead effect (with the endoscopic method of lifting the forehead)
  • Smoothing wrinkles near the outer corners of the eyes

Step by step



At a preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon who will conduct the operation, you can ask the doctor any questions and get detailed answers. He will tell you about the method of braces and why it works best for you and what results can be achieved. On consultation also you can learn, how the operation will pass and how it is necessary to prepare for it.



General anesthesia requires a detailed examination before the day of surgery. You will receive the analysis and advice of the therapist and anesthesiologist at ANA-COSMO clinic. All these stages can be done in just a few hours directly at the clinic. You can take medical tests at any other laboratory.


Choosing the day of operation

Preliminary date of the operation can be discussed with the doctor. However, the doctor will be able to confirm the date definitively only after receiving the conclusions of specialists and the results of the medical tests, which must confirm that you are ready to perform a forehead lift (eyebrow lift) under general anesthesia.


The operation

As already mentioned, a forehead lift is possible only under general anesthesia. There are four methods for conducting it. In any case, any of the techniques are recommended to combine with other facial rejuvenation procedures. In this case, you can achieve cardinal rejuvenation of the face. Depending on the type of braces and complexity, it lasts from 40 minutes to even two hours.



After surgery, a special compression bandage is applied to the patient. It must be changed - once every few days. Also, a few days after the lifting of the forehead, you will be in the clinic under the supervision of medical staff. But the doctor will remove the stitches in two weeks, in some cases - earlier. However, in any case, in a week you will be able to return to the usual lifestyle. Restrictions: during the month, saunas, solariums, etc. (any temperature differences) are contraindicated. The final result can be seen in 1-2 months.



Only the doctor on a consultation after examination can precisely tell what lifting method of a forehead or eyebrows suits you best.

  • Coronary forehead lift. This classic forehead lift is ideal for those with a low forehead, since it allows you to visually increase it. Lifting is carried out through notches in the hair. Nevertheless, this type of lifting of the forehead is strictly contraindicated to those who are prone to baldness, since partial hair loss is possible with this technique. Another features: a long period of rehabilitation and sometimes a partial loss of sensitivity.
  • Endoscopic lift of the forehead, eyebrows. Pros: unseen marks from the cuts, and the operation by only a few punctures. The skin is not practically removed, so the loss of sensitivity is minimal.
  • Lateral lifting of eyebrows through the temporal zone (temporal lift). The method allows you to raise the lowered external edges of the eyebrows. The doctor may suggest combining temporal lifting with an endoscopic lifting to smooth out all wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Eyebrow lift along the hair growth line. The method is similar to a coronary lifting. However, it is suitable for those who have a high forehead, and do not want to do it higher.

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