Facelift (thredlifting)

Facelifting without surgery? Thread facelift can provide up to -15 years!

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If you are not ready for a "circular facelifting" operation yet, but age-related changes are already visible, the best solution is ligature lifting (face lifting by ligature threads) and facelifting by mezothreads (thredlifting). Mini-operation and significant rejuvenation!


  • Hanging of the skin in the neck and chin
  • Flabby skin
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • An omission of cheeks
  • Aggravation of nasolabial folds
  • Omission of lower eyelids, muscles under the eyes


  • Lifting and strengthening the skin and muscles of the face
  • Rejuvenation for -15 years!
  • Clear, young contour of the face and neck
  • Correction of cheekbones
  • Eyebrow lifting, eye rejuvenation
  • Smoothing the nasolabial folds

Step by step



Consultation and mini-operation can be carried out by both a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist-cosmetologist doctor. So, ligature lifting (facelift by ligature threads) is performed by a plastic surgeon. But the installation of the mesothread (golden thread) is carried out by a cosmetologist. The doctor will tell you all the information you are interested in, about the result of the procedure and how it goes.



Ligature lifting requires the passage of basic medical tests, since this is a mini-operation. They can be taken directly at ANA-COSMO.


Choosing the day of operation

Day of face lifting can be appointed immediately after consultation with the doctor. You will be operated in a convenient day for you, taking into account the schedule of the doctor and the clinic.


The mini-operation

The mini-operation itself is carried out without cuts. Through the punctures, the doctor introduces special threads (ligature or mesothread). Threads are installed vertically, which allows counteracting gravitational omission of muscles and skin. The lifting can be performed in the neck, lower and upper parts of the face, forehead, and corners of the eyes. If desired, a minimally invasive operation (almost without surgery) is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and most often lasts only up to one hour.

A few months after the procedure, the threads dissolve, creating a reliable skeleton of the skin. The effect of the braces is visible almost immediately. The effectiveness and duration of this method depends on factors such as the age and condition of the skin, the lifestyle of the patient.



Lifting with mesothreads (thredlifting) does not require a hospital stay. However swelling, small bruises and loss of sensitivity may appear within a week after the procedure.

Facelifting by ligature threads assumes a deeper placement of threads by a plastic surgeon, therefore after the operation it is necessary to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. Edema due to surgery will disappear after 7-10 days. Stitches are removed after 5 days or even earlier. For three weeks flights, visits to saunas, gyms are not recommended. Also in the case of ligature lifting for the best effect, it is recommended to undergo rehabilitation procedures (physiotherapy and cosmetology). They essentially consolidate the achieved result and allow returning to the usual way of life in a short time.



The effectiveness of the procedure and the durability of the facial filament lifting depend on the type of threads:

  • Mesothreads. Facelift with the so-called golden threads: the effect is up to 1.5-2 years. The installation of threads is done subcutaneously by a doctor-cosmetologist. Threads can be slightly constructed with facial expressions and felt when touched.
  • Ligature thread. A much more durable effect. The ligature lifting is performed only by the plastic surgeon. Installation of threads is done in deeper layers. Threads are not constructed during facial expressions and are not felt when touching. This is a technique that allows you to look 10-15 years younger, naturally and without a single cut on the face.

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The price is depends on types of threads and methods. You can find out the price via clinika@anacosmo.com.ua
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