Vaginal lifting with threads

Vaginal lifting with threads. Keep your sexual relations spicy for many years!

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Elasticity of the vagina directly affects the sexual pleasure of partners. Childbirth trauma (tears, scars), stretching and tendency to constipation and age-related changes lead to tissue stretching. This can reduce the quality of sex both in women and men, provokes the appearance of infections of the genitals, urinary incontinence and even omission. The solution is a tightening of the vagina with threads


  • Stretching, damaging the vaginal walls after childbirth, age-related changes
  • Lack of woman’s or her partner’s sexual pleasure
  • Uterine prolapse prevention
  • Genital infections prevention


  • Improvement of sexual feelings for both partners
  • Confidence in intimate life
  • Improved aesthetics of external genital organs

Step by step



A plastic surgeon, certified to tighten the vagina with special threads, will examine you, tell you about the operation and its results, and also assign the necessary medical tests.



The delivery of tests at this stage is mandatory (laboratory research can be done directly at the ANA-COSMO clinic during a consultation or in any laboratory in Ukraine). If necessary, an examination with the gynecologist is also prescribed. If the procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon the gynecological examination is necessary.


Choosing the day of operation

After receiving all the necessary results of the examination, the plastic surgeon will select the day of the procedure. It will be matched to your wishes and the workload of the plastic surgeon, as well as to your menstrual cycle.


The operation

Vaginal tightening with special filaments (threads) or perineoplasty is often performed under local anesthesia (according to your desire general anesthesia can also be performed). The scalpel is not applied during the procedure so the entire lifting process takes no more than 60 minutes. Tightening the vagina with threads can reduce the opening with the help of tapering threads that tighten it, providing a lasting result.



You can leave the clinic within an hour after the procedure. However, there is a temporary restriction: sexual contacts must be postponed for at least 2 weeks.



Vaginal lifting with threads (perineoplasty) in Kyiv in the ANA-COSMO clinic is carried out by special Vaginal Narrower threads.

With more complex vaginal problems, like omission, significant damage to the vaginal walls during childbirth, the doctor can prescribe a surgical operation - vaginoplasty.

Who will carry out procedure

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