Removal of Bisha lumps

How to reduce the cheeks? Removing the lumps of Bisha for 30 minutes will allow you to increase your cheekbones and make your face look thinner (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Before and After: Removal of Bisha Lumps

Removal of Bisha lumps - photo № 1 before and after
Removal of Bisha lumps - photo № 2 before and after
Removal of Bisha lumps - photo № 3 before and after
Removal of Bisha lumps - photo № 4 before and after
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You can obtain delicate face features signs of nobleness, by removing adipose tissue from the cheeks (Bisha lumps). Bisha lumps have a certain weight, and it varies throughout life, which can provoke a sagging cheeks


  • The desire to make expressed cheekbones, and cheeks - sunken
  • The omission of the cheeks (full)
  • Congenitally rounded face
  • The appearance of age-related nasolabial wrinkles due to a decrease in the clearness of the face oval and the lowering of the cheeks


  • Reduced volume of cheeks
  • Formation of cheekbones
  • Chest lift, a clear chin contour
  • Pulling the zone under the contour of the face (a younger contour of the face)
  • The effect of rejuvenation is also due to the reduction of nasolabial wrinkles

Step by step



Each operation in ANA-COSMO clinic is preceded by an individual consultation with the doctor. After the examination the plastic surgeon simulates the result which can be obtained with the removal of the lumps of Bisha using computer graphics. Also, the doctor will appoint a standard and mandatory list of medical tests and give recommendations on how to prepare for the operation. You will ask the plastic surgeon all the questions that concern you.



All the necessary tests (a general blood test, HIV tests, hepatitis, etc.) can be taken at the clinic within one hour or in any other laboratory in Ukraine. This survey is sufficient for local anesthesia. This type of anesthesia is often used to reduce the size of the cheeks. But if you are interested in general anesthesia (removal of Bisha lumps is possible in this way too), you will need to consult an anesthesiologist and therapist of our clinic, because ANA-COSMO specialists are responsible for your health and you should make sure that you are healthy and general anesthesia is safe for you.


Choosing the day of operation

The date of the operation can be appointed immediately at consultation. However, the doctor can confirm it only after passing the medical tests. Remember that the date is appointed by the surgeon in accordance with your wishes.


The operation

Removal of Bisha lumps is possible only through the inner side of the cheek (oral cavity). Any scars on the outside of the cheek during this operation are absent. Through the micro-incision, the surgeon extracts Bisha lumps, which the baby needs for breastfeeding, and the adult person does not need anymore.



With this operation there is no need to stay in the hospital. On the same day you will be able to leave the clinic. As such, there is no recovery period. True, there may be a slight swelling up to 5 days. And within a week after removing the lumps of Bisha, it is advisable to limit oneself in conversations and avoid sports for a month.



The removal of Bisha lumps in ANA-COSMO clinic can be combined, according to the doctor's recommendation, with ultrasound face liposuction or facelifting, in order to achieve the desired effect of rejuvenation or to obtain clear, refined forms of the face. Both operations in ANA-COSMO are carried out using ultrasonic equipment of the latest generation of the German company ZORING.

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