Ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction – fast, easy way to have a flat stomach, a slender figure and legs, an aspen waist and a tightened face (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Liposuction: Before and After

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Ultrasonic liposuction (abdomen, buttocks, thighs, face, hands, etc.) is one of the most popular operations in the world due to its effectiveness, safety and rapid recovery. This operation is also known as lipoaspiration - removal of fat accumulation in the selected part of the body


  • Fat deposits and flabbiness of the skin in any part of the body, including the face and neck.
  • Cellulite


  • Visible and long-term weight loss effect: a relief press can be created for men at any age, and girls can gain an ideal waist and hip zone, sharp knees, thin ankles and wrists, slender, tight arms, flat and hard, as if carved from stone, press zone and waist, a clear transition from butt to legs, slender hips
  • Improved skin: the skin becomes smoother, tighter

Step by step



During the consultation, the doctor will listen to your wishes, describe in detail possible results that can be obtained with the help of liposuction, and prescribe a preoperative examination plan.



After consultation, you will undergo a preoperative examination. Directly in ANA-COSMO clinic you can pass all the necessary tests, consult an anesthesiologist and therapist for one day. Analyzes can be handled both in the ANA-COSMO clinic, and in any laboratory convenient for you.


Choosing the day of operation

After receiving the results of research and consulting specialists, you together with a plastic surgeon choose a convenient day for ultrasonic liposuction.


The operation

On the day of the operation, the doctor will make special marks the body parts where the lipoaspiration will be performed. Then anesthesia will be applied. During the operation, the plastic surgeon makes pinpoints of the skin with an ultrasound probe that destroys the fat cells. In this case, the vessels and nerve fibers are not affected. Fat cells excess is removed, and the skin is reduced under the influence of ultrasound, acquiring beautiful lines



The need to stay in the clinic is up to 2 days (depending on the peculiarities of the operation). And you will be able to return to the usual lifestyle after a week. Nevertheless, the patient obliged to wear special compression underwear for 3-4 weeks. Also special restorative procedures (massages, physiotherapy procedures) in clinic ANA-COSMO are highly recommended after the operation. They will fix the result of liposuction.



Destroyed ultrasound fat cells cannot restore, so the result remains forever.

Ultrasonic liposuction allows to remove up to 6-8 liters of fat (this is much more than other types of liposuction). In this case, even the removal of a large volume of fat deposits is not very traumatic for a person.

Who will carry out the operation?

Impeccable reputation  since 1997
European standards  of quality and safety
Highest level of  accreditation  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Specialists  with international  certificates and diplomas

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction costs vary by size. You can find out details vis clinika@anacosmo.com.ua
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