Labiaplasty (labia minora)

The best solution to gain confidence in intimate relationships is correction of small labia! You and your partner will be satisfied with the result! (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Before and After: Labiaplasty and Labia Minora Reduction

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Do I Need Labiaplasty?

External genitals play an important role in a full, healthy and enjoyable intimate life. Congenital hypertrophy, postnatal deformity or elongated small lips can bring discomfort and embarrassment. In this case labioplasty (correction or reduction of the labia minora) may help. This surgical procedure helps to get rid of defects and will make the external genitals aesthetically attractive. Consequently, your sexual sensations will increase.


  • Excessive length of the labia minora (with lateral traction they normally should not exceed 4 cm)
  • Asymmetric labia minor after birth or due to age-related changes (genitalia lose their aesthetic appearance, darken)
  • Lips rubb while walking and this leads to irritation
  • The desire to improve sexual sensations
  • Psychological and physical discomfort during sexual intercourse


  • Proper aesthetic form of the genital organs
  • Confidence during sex, lack of complexes
  • Comfort while driving, playing sports

Step by step



Before you schedule an operation, you will go to a plastic surgeon for advice. He will examine you, give answers to your questions and tell you how you can achieve the desired shape and size of the labia.



After the examination, the doctor may need to obtain results of some medical tests and recommend consulting a gynecologist. Also you will need a therapist consultation.


Choosing the day of operation

After receiving all the necessary results of the examination, the plastic surgeon will choose the day of operation on a convenient date.


The operation

On the day of surgery, the surgeon will make preliminary markings with a special marker, according to your wishes. During the operation desirable shape of the labia minora will be formed. Superimpose special seams are applied. The advantage of this method is "self-absorbing" seams. The operation lasts about 30 minutes.



Such operations are often very easy to transfer: in a few hours you will leave the clinic. Sutures disappear after 10-15 days. And in 3-4 weeks you will have the labia of the desired young appearance. Nevertheless, it is important to exclude hot baths, while carefully monitoring personal hygiene. Sexual life - only after 4 weeks. Return to work in 1 week.


Pay attention

The plasticity of the inner labia has no age limitation - it can be performed immediately after the formation of external genitalia.

Who will carry out the Labiaplasty?

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