Male Chest Enhancement

Pectoral implantation or an enhancement of the chest relief in men is an operation that will help you become a happy owner of a sexy, attractive torso (Kiev, Ukraine)

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With the installation of pectoral implants, your chest will be visually enlarged by the convexity of the pectoral muscles. Increased visual volume will give you an attractive athletic appearance.


  • Men who due of their genetic characteristics cannot achieve a beautiful relief of pectoral muscles, even with exhausting exercises
  • Damaged chest muscle relief due to injury
  • The desire of the client to have an ideal shape of the chest
  • Asymmetry of the male chest


  • Attractive, sexy relief of the male chest
  • You will gain confidence in your personal and professional life

Who will carry out the operation?



You must consult a plastic surgeon before the enhancement of the chest. The doctor will tell you about the upcoming result, the operation, prescribe the necessary examination (medical tests, consultations of specialists) and select the suitable implant for you.



You will need to take tests prescribed by the doctor, anesthesiologist and therapist of the clinic. Before performing the pectoral implantation, the following steps should be made: avoiding physical exercises for 1-2 weeks, quitting drinking alcohol and smoking for 3 weeks, not taking medications that dilute the blood, 2 weeks before the operation. The surgeon should be advised of any medications taken.


Purpose of the day of operation

After receiving all the necessary medical tests results, the plastic surgeon will schedule the day of the operation. It will be matched to your wishes and the workload of the plastic surgeon.


The operation

Enhancement of the chest relief in men is performed for 1.5-2 hours under general anesthesia. Implant is placed between the small and large pectoral muscles through the armpit (thus, after the intervention, visible scars do not remain). The surgeon fixes the implant with special plastic sutures. The patient can be discharged home a few hours after the end of the anesthesia.



Bed rest is recommended for 3 days and wearing special compression clothes for 3 weeks. The first days the area of ​​the sutures can be painful then anesthetics will be prescribed. Also, you should follow the following rules: you can start work in 5-7 days (if the work requires physical exertion, you should wait 3 weeks), sauna and sports are possible in 2-2.5 months after the operation, during the month direct sunlight is contra-indicated for seams.



Pectoral implants are specifically designed to increase and reconstruct soft tissues. They are oval shape textured and filled with silicone gel (more dense than breast implants). They come in different sizes.

Who will carry out enhancement of the chest relief?

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